Lincoln MKZ | Three Oaks, MI.

10 from Weekly Wander vol. IV | Geneva Lake Shore Path, WI.

Ernest Alexander

10 From ‘Weekly Wander vol. III' | Three Oaks, MI.

Journeyman Distillery | Three Oaks, MI.

From ‘Weekly Wander vol. II' | Van Buren St. - Chicago, IL. 

Apartment Number 9 x Carnivore Cabernet Dinner Series: Vol. II | Pilsen - Chicago, IL.

Check out the video I shot here

Here is the video I shot and scored for the Apartment Number 9 x Carnivor Cabernet Dinner Series.

Check it out.

B+W in MI.

From ‘Weekly Wander vol. I' | South 18th st. Chicago, IL. 

Lake Michigan.

The Lincoln MKZ in the afternoon light.

All original 1941 Cadillac Limousine. 

Fun with smoke bombs.
model: Nina

Fun with smoke bombs.

model: Nina

Alden | Denim Bar - Arlington, VA.