James Nord for Outdoor Voices | Lower East Side, NYC.

Nate Bui for Outdoor Voices | Soho, NYC.

Blind Barber | East Village, NYC.

A place that needs no introduction. Part bar, part barbershop, Blind Barber is the brand that is cool without exclusion. Not once do they make you feel as though you do not belong.

My friends in Nashville had a saying for when things go well with others: “The hang is real.” And at Blind Barber the hang is always real. They can tell you the best place to grab a coffee, where to pick up a pizza, or what new music to check out, all while you are given a fantastic cut and enjoying an ice cold beer.

Blind Barber - 339 E.10th Street | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

James Nord for Outdoor Voices | Lower East Side, NYC.

Phil | Oak St. - Chicago, IL.

Phil | Oak St. - Chicago, IL.

Collin Hughes for Outdoor Voices | East Village, NYC.

DMK Burger Bar | Lakeview - Chicago, IL.

Jace Lumley for Outdoor Voices | East Village, NYC.

Lula Cafe (revisited) | Logan Square - Chicago, IL.

More shots from my favorite brunch spot in Chicago, Lula Cafe. I have gone in nearly every Sunday for the last 3 months and the service is always great. The hostesses greet you with a smile, the coffee is hot, and the food comes out fast.

In the morning, the light comes in through their front windows and casts a beautiful hue over the front of the restaurant. I always forget to capture it, probably because I am preoccupied with my morning caffeine fix. This last time I managed to get a couple shots before the other customers gave me the "look at the dork with the camera" stare. At which point I dove back into my coffee.

Lula Cafe - 2357 N. Kedzie | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Capriccio di Mare | Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

Mexican beers with Italian Pizza on a Caribbean Island.

What more can you ask for?


Shirt by Lands’ End Canvas

Floriole Bakery | Lincoln Park - Chicago, IL.

Blind Barber | East Village, NYC.

☕️ because. (at La Colombe Torrefaction)

☕️ because. (at La Colombe Torrefaction)

Gabi & Jeff | Lorimer St. Station, NYC.

Gabi & Jeff | Lorimer St. Station, NYC.