The Point & Shoot Diaries

#Menswear knows how to party during NYFW w/ Jace & Alex.

that night ruled.

kind of.

jace and i dancing on the booth. 

"like a couple of white girls" as my brother said.

this night was kind of nuts though.

i was going way too hard.

and out of nowhere some girl slapped the shit out of me.

for no reason.


maybe she hates half-lined glenplaid suits.

and i’ll admit, its not for everyone.

but nothing to get violent over.

also, the dj wasn’t terrible.

however, when did djs stop playing hip-hop?

i shouldn’t have to beg for B.I.G.

I shouldn’t have to grovel for HOVA.


still, that weekend was fun.

i expect to get smacked for no reason next fashion week as well.

thanks for posting these dustony.