Rust Belt Americana x Bare & Hatchet Present: The Rust is Real


We threw a rager at the Bare & Hatchet space. Koval supplied the booze. My boys Oxford & Co. supplied the music, and I, well, I just took photos of people. 

  • House parties are fun if you follow these simple rules:
    • You can never have too much ice
    • You can never have too much booze
    • Maintain at minimum a 6:4 Girl to Boy ratio
    • Provide music throughout, and live music if possible
    • Make sure there is a designated host/hostess/hosts who can direct the energy of the night and answer questions, give a toast, etc.
    • Make sure there is adequate garbage disposal so empty cans and glasses aren't strewn about
    • Ensure the lavatory is in order and is clean
    • Capture the night by hiring a photographer
    • Promote the event so that you are able to fill about 60%-70% of total floor space so the party is busy but not crowded
    • Provide a coat check in winter, blast the A/C in the summer
    • Most importantly, end the party before people get too drunk, you want them passing out in the uber on the way home, not in your stairwell