Veuve Clicquot dinner at Cindy's Rooftop


I remember this event was on my birthday which at first sent me into a fit. "How dare this luxury brand hold an event on my birthday, and then have the gall to invite me?" I then realized I can parlay this into a free birthday dinner, and pretend all the guests are here to celebrate with me.

As for the real event, the champagne was great, I think there were more than 3 kinds served, not that I could tell the difference, but I appreciated them thinking I had a sensitive palate. The food was piling up, course after course. I found it odd that no one sang happy birthday, but then again, I was too drunk to care. 

If you have a chance, grab a couple drinks at Cindy's in the summertime and admire the view from their rooftop where you can see Millennium Park and a great view of the skyline. But remember to bring money, views like that aren't cheap.

Images shot on a Fuji x100s