A Low Key Bachelor Party


Q: What is better than a raging bachelor party?
A: A slightly reserved bachelor party

Instead of an all day drinking marathon, I wanted to have a somewhat active weekend started with a boost of caffeine. We began with coffee service at the Allis (4 cup minimum per person), and used all of the caffeine energy during our wall climbing lessons at Brooklyn Boulder (I only cried a little), fed our empty stomachs with a huge brunch at St. Lou's (complete with boozy root beer floats), and then took an hour break to take a nap.

Evening activities commenced with drinks at Aviary's basement lounge The Office, then on to an amazing dinner at Cruz Blanca, which had just opened that month. We then finishing the night meeting the girls (who were having their Bachelorette party) at the Whistler in Logan Square, at which point my memory starts to get a little bit unreliable. 

Everyone escaped the weekend unscathed and I didn't have any new scars or diseases. Achievement unlocked.