Review: Fuji TCL-X100


Quick Review: Fuji TCL-x100

Everyone loves the Fuji x100 series. At least, everyone I know. But if there was a critique of the x100 series, I would say that the 35mm can be limiting in certain situations, namely, portraits, or if you want a little more compression in the shot.

Enter the TCL-x100. Fuji created a 50mm add on lens that screws onto your trusty x100 to turn it into a portrait machine. It retains the f 2.0  aperture, as it is just a conversion lens, and is still sharp all the way across. Great color, great contrast, and an easy way to add a little more length to your rig.

At $300+ it is a bit of an investment, but then again, you already own an x100. All the images below are shot with the TCL-x100.

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