Golden Gloves Finals 2017


The squared circle. The sweet science. There are many who have written eloquently on the sport of boxing so I won't try to compete. But there is something beautiful about the violence in amateur bouts. Uncontrolled movement. Trepidation. Wild swings, and huge momentum shifts.

The Chicago Golden Gloves have been around since 1928 and have provided amateurs with a venue to test their mettle. Just as important, oftentimes the competitors are given an opportunity to lift them out of hardship and offer a portal into a new life. 

If you ever get the chance to watch the Golden Gloves in your town, as they are held all over the country, I cannot recommend it enough. The grit and courage on display is enough to make you want to run up the stairs a la Rocky.

Finally, congrats to all the fighters this year.
Images shot on a Fuji X-Pro 2