Summer suiting with BLVDier


I guess this is an 'outfit post.'  I like to think of it as more of a highlighting this amazing suit from my friend Zach Uttich's company. A note on the color. Light colors work best in the summer, furthermore light colors work best if you have dark hair and anything other than a pale complexion (shoutout to my filipino bloodline). Otherwise you can run the risk of blending in with your suit. And no one wants that, especially your girlfriend. That being said, who cares what I think. If you want to wear a light colored suit and you have the skin color of Thom Yorke, be my guest. Because the best style advice I ever got was "wear what you like."

Suit and Shirt by BLVDier
Shoes by Alden

IG: @blvdier

Imagery shot on a Canon 6d