Coffee with Max Wastler | La Colombe


Known for their coffee, but not their service, La Colombe serves as a good meeting up point in the West Loop. At least until all types of parking are gone when Ace Hotel, Nobu, and McDonalds HQ open up within one half mile of each other.

If you know Max, you know he is a man who needs no introduction. If you don't but want to meet him, I can provide that introduction. He is currently living in LA. as a writer and has been in involved everything from swimsuit testing to brand director for Basil Haydens. 

Miss ya buddy.

Max Wastler
IG: @maxwastler

Highlights of La Colombe:

  • Beautiful light spring through autumn
  • Great place to eavesdrop on people because the chairs are so close together
  • Coffee is ok too

Images shot on a Fuji x100s