Helicopter Tour | Chicago


For my birthday Nina took us on a helicopter tour of Chicago. It is really bizarre to slow down until you are hovering in the air, and then feel the craft begin to move backward.

We went to Chicago Helicopter Experience and the pilot had us cracking up as soon as we were buckled into our seats. First thing our pilot said was "This is my first flight, but I think I got the hang of it."

He took us North to Lincoln Park, giving obscure historical references as we passed the landmarks and hovered over the loop while the sun cast shadows over the lake. We took in the views for about half an hour before heading back.

Things to remember in the helicopter:

  1. Charge your camera batteries! (My fuji died after 5 shots and I didn't want to fumble with replacing the battery)
  2. Go during a sunset or sunrise! The buildings will have a lot more depth in the photos.
  3. Shoot on auto (gasp) as the light conditions will be changing a ton and you don't want your face buried in your camera the whole time. 

Images shot on a Ricoh GR.